National COVID-19 Science Task Force (NCS-TF) Requirements and Scope of Digital Certificates

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The transition away from the global pandemic situation may lead to new public health approaches aimed at allowing a fast restart of the economic and social life while controlling the risk transmission of SARS-CoV-2. These may include the documentation of a recent negative RT-PCR test, the documented presence of neutralising antibodies, or of vaccination. Numerous international digital certification initiatives and standardization efforts are in the early phase of definition. The situation in Switzerland is characterised by an incomplete legal basis and a pragmatic approach towards digital records used for self-documentation. Furthermore, there is no strategy that defines the medical need for vaccination certificates, nor their legitimate uses for non-medical purposes. As a result there is a void in terms of their technical requirements, scope and social acceptability.
COVID-19 Certificates, RT-PCR test, Switzerland, Vaccination Status, Test Results, Paper based solutions, Digital solutions