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Navigator for Digital Health Capability Models [5]
  • The need for a Digital Health Maturity Model Navigator 

    An early step in the process of developing the Navigator for Digital Health Capability Models was to interview tool developers, implementers, and country stakeholders to better understand motivations and goals in using ...
  • A Navigator for Digital Health Capability Models: A User’s Guide 

    This guidance provides an overview on the use of maturity model-based assessment tools; an introduction to the individual tools included in the Navigator; guidance on how to identify the best tool(s) to meet your assessment ...
  • Excel-based Decision Support Workbook 

    The Microsoft Excel workbook helps users (1) identify and use the most appropriate maturity model-based tool(s), and (2) leverage past maturity model-based assessments to inform new or planned assessments.
  • Navigator Slide Deck 

    This Microsoft PowerPoint includes an abridged version of the User’s Guide and can be used for working with groups that may want to use the Excel-based Workbook but need additional information in the form of a presentation.
  • Excel-based Appendix to the Navigator 

    The appendix provides in-depth mapping of indicators between the six maturity model-based tools in the Navigator.

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