ICAO COVID-19 Cross-border Risk Management

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This guidance is intended for use by State regulators, service providers and other concerned entities, to address cross-border risk management in commercial air transport operations. The objective of the guidance is to inform States about public health risk management strategies, including those that could be applied to aviation personnel and passengers to reduce the probability of translocation (transfer) of the disease from one region to another. This document contains guidance for implementing a systematic process to identify risks related to the COVID-19 pandemic and mitigate those risks to an acceptable level as determined by each individual State. The final objective is to create a harmonized and cooperative effort to maintain global connectivity while ensuring public health security. Updates will be provided as new scientific evidence becomes available, with States being informed of updates through the publication of electronic bulletins. In the future, as more States begin to plan their route out of COVID restrictions, this updated manual offers clear guidance on how best to use public health mitigation measures, including testing and vaccination, to reduce travel restrictions and gradually return to restoring air connectivity in a safer way.
VDS-NC, NAAT, Ag-RDT, Proof of recovery, Testing, Vaccination