Digital Engagement: It's a Process, Not Just an Outcome

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Digital Data for Family Planning Programs This panel will explore various ways that digital technology can be used to improve access to family planning information support and care The Institute for Reproductive Health IRH worked with Cycle Technologies to roll out the CycleBeads Android app in Kenya Ghana and India to over 250 000 that helps women prevent or plan pregnancy or track their menstrual cycles Through targeted social media marketing the program team efficiently marketed the CycleBeads app Using innovative in app direct to user and micro surveys IRH was able to evaluate user experience assess key demographic characteristics and understand ongoing interaction with the technology The SKATA mobile application was designed to help women and couples in Indonesia make decisions about whether to use contraception and what method to choose Study findings suggest that engagement processes involve more than just use metrics rather engagement ought to also be measured in terms of the cognitive shifts and changes to interpersonal communication that result from using a digital health intervention for behavior change Knowledge for Health K4Health collaborated with Kenya Medical Training College and IntraHealth Kenya to develop and deliver an IVR based family planning reinforcement training to students and health care providers in order to explore new ways to deliver technical content available on the Global Health eLearning Center Speakers will share the findings from the implementation and usability and knowledge retention assessments providing practical tips for replicating and scaling up in other countries and environments Presented by Radha Rajan DrPH Candidate Department of Health Behavior Society Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
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