Improving Interoperability of Health Information System in Tanzania

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HMIS LMIS Integration A Tanzania Case Study in Integration Interoperability Analysis and GovernanceTanzania field staff Alpha Nsaghurwe and Ssanyu Nyinondi JSI and Alfred Mchau VillageReach will present on varying aspects of integration interoperability analysis and governance in Tanzania The Tanzania team will discuss successes and lessons learned in integration between OpenLMIS and DHIS2 through a Health Information Mediator a platform with an extensible architecture that enables vital information to be shared across multiple systems encouraging intelligent decision making and increasing supply chain efficiency The presenters will make the case for maintaining separate but interoperable technology applications for LMIS and HMIS data and the benefit of combining data elements from different systems within a single dashboard at the central level Additionally looking beyond information systems and technology organizational changes are needed to support and sustain these kinds of systems In Tanzania the change management process built ownership at the district level by helping administrators and health management teams see the value of the eLMIS and increasing their ownership of it Presented by Alpha NsaghurweSenior HIS AdvisorJSI MCSP Marcos R MzeruICT OfficerMOHCDGEC Tanzania
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