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mHealth Knowledge was a portal to hundreds of selected mHealth resources, arranged into eight categories: mHealth Alliance, Applications & Platforms, Communities of Practice, Capacity Building & Learning, Multimedia Content, Project Repositories, Tools & Guides, and Blogs & News. It also housed the mHealth Compendium archive (see below).


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    Systematic Review on What Works, What Does Not Work and Why of Implementation of Mobile Health (mHealth) Projects in Africa
    Access to mobile phone technology has rapidly expanded in developing countries In Africa mHealth is a relatively new concept and questions arise regarding reliability of the technology used for health outcomes This review documents strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats SWOT of mHealth projects in Africa from 2003 2013 Results were grouped to assess specific aspects of project implementation in terms of sustainability and mid long term results integration to the health system management process scale up and replication and legal issues regulations and standards Why it helps for planning This is a systematic review of 44 mHealth projects in Africa from 2003 2013 yielding implementation lessons across identified factors Provides considerations for an effective mHealth project in the African context
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    Scaling Mobile for Development: A Developing World Opportunity
    Mobile for Development M4D is a growing sector with well over 1 000 live services now tracked by the GSMA across the developing world in verticals such as money health education and entrepreneurship The problem is that while the sector has enjoyed continued growth in a number of services over the last 5 7 years scale and sustainability have generally not been achieved This work is designed to inform and add insight to help address challenges to mobile enabled services that can help to facilitate service delivery in developing countries This report outlines the challenges and opportunities for achieving commercial success and social impact through M4D services This research has been developed by Mobile for Development Intelligence with support from the Rockefeller Foundation Why it helps with planning Provides data on the global mobile industry evolution and prospective growth key trends to watch insights about frameworks and platforms and mechanisms to drive scale and sustainability including business models and user centered design Links Final Report 55 pp Slidedeck 145 slides Interim Report 114 slides
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    Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE) Diabetes Management App
    Managing your diabetes can often be a struggle trying to balance eating medication and physical activity We as the CDE appreciate this struggle and therefore want to make living with diabetes a little easier If this sounds good then let us introduce to you the CDE Club The CDE Club includes important information on managing diabetes suggested steps to become more physically active and a platform to share your experience with others
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    Inventory of Information and Communication Technology Solutions for Supply Chains
    mHealth Alliance Publication Two recent trends provide new ways to improve supply chain capabilities 1 the variety of information and communication technologies ICT now available to support commodity management and 2 increasing access to mobile and wireless connectivity Supply chain managers are shifting away from paper based supply chain management systems and exploring appropriate technology solutions to meet supply chain data management needs The details included in this report serve to complement the inventory spreadsheet which contains a catalog of ICT solutions for supply chains The objective of the inventory is to assist countries in selecting a supply chain tool by reviewing the ways in which existing ICT solutions have been already implemented in different countries April 2014
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    Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit
    Mobile phones are much more than just a tool for making calls Increasingly they are the primary way people across the world access the internet Whilst the internet can provide a wide range of benefits to the user it requires specific skills and knowledge to use a mobile phone effectively This means that people who lack the skills and understanding are unable to access these life enhancing services