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Open SourceUsing open source technology is among the 9 principles of digital development In this panel three experts will dive more deeply into important aspects and new facets of open source platforms Digital Square led by PATH and its donors have developed a robust Global Goods Maturity Model GGMM This session seeks to introduce the GGMM and the evidence base behind this model to define for audiences What is a Global Good The session will feature two Global Goods currently supported by Digital Square The first is OpenLMIS an open source electronic logistics management information system LMIS built to manage health commodity supply chains in low and middle income countries OpenLMIS is a growing initiative to provide a full feature electronic LMIS solution to Ministries of Health to increase supply chain efficiency and data visibility The session will feature strengths of the OpenLMIS community and explain how open source software benefits both national health systems and the global health community The second Global Good featured in this session is iHRIS IntraHealth International established the iHRIS Foundation to manage the continued growth of iHRIS an open source health workforce information system to ensure that the needs of the iHRIS developer and user community are met IntraHealth will describe the Foundation s approach and results to date Presented by Dr David Potenziani Senior Informatics Advisor IntraHealth International
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