It Ain't Called Easyware

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It Ain t Called Easyware What is the Future of Hardware at the Last Mile In a field that s focused primarily on developing and scaling software solutions this session will provide attendees with an overview of how hardware is adapting to and changing the evolving digital health landscape Speakers from three leading hardware for development organizations Vecna Cares Simprints and Fio will share their experiences building and deploying hardware for global health projects including field servers biometrics scanners and rapid diagnostic tools respectively Drawing from this cumulative experience Speakers will share best practices challenges and lessons learned from developing last mile hardware with an emphasis on how these uniquely differ from software Each presentation and subsequent Q A will be framed around the benefits and challenges of using the Principles for Digital Development in designing deploying and scaling hardware The panel will be moderated by Autodesk Foundation s Jean Shia who will bring her own insights from the hardware field Presented by Sebastian Manhart Chief Operating Officer Simprints
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