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      Adelaide Amoako, Senior Program Officer, Focus Regions Health Project | Tel: +233-24-471-8178, email: [1]
      Adham Yehia, Integra Health Nigeria, Email: [1]
      Alain Labrique, Director, Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health | Tel: +1-443-287-4744, Email: [1]
      Aleck Dhliwayo, MIS Coordinator, Population Services International Zimbabwe | Tel: +263-4-334-63, email: [1]
      Alexandra Cairns, Communications Manager, CCBRT, Tel: + 255-0-22-260-2192 | Email: [1]
      Amanda Puckett BenDor, Technical Advisor, IntraHealth, [1]
      Amy Tiwari, WASH Program Manager, Akros, Email: | Benjamin Winters, Country Director, Akros, Email: [1]
      Anna Winters, Epidemiologist, Akros, Email: | Zunda Chisha, Malaria Surveillance Program Manager, Email: [1]
      Anne Feighery, Co-Founder and CEO, mWater, Email: | Peter Khaemba, USAID, Email: [1]
      Awa Dieng, Nigeria Country Coordinator, Health Systems 20/20, Apt Associates Inc. | Tel: +1-301-347-5000, email: [1]
      Barry Elkin, Food Security Technical Director, ACDI/VOCA, Email: | John Stanton, Global Program Manager, JSI, Email: [1]
      Bas Hoefman, Founder and Director, Text to Change | Email: [1]
      Bobby Jefferson, Senior Health Informatics Advisor, Futures Group; Principal Investigator, CDC HMIS Grant Kenya; Senior HMIS Advisor, Center for Health Solutions, Futures Group | Email: [1]
      Boni Ramanantsoa, Information Systems Manager, MSI Madagascar | Tel: +261-(0)-20-22-40304, email: [1]
      Boudewijn Peters, Danida Health Sector Program Support, | Maryam Hemed, Zanzibar Ministry of Health, Tel: +251927361823, Email: [1]
      Brandy Airall, Project Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Address: 2448 Luthuli Road, PO Box 9124, Dar es Salaam,Tanzania; Email: [1]
      Brendan Rens, Director, SIMpill, Tel: +020-8392-6603 or +07810- 850-307 | Email: or [1]
      Bright Simons, President, mPedigree Network | Email: [1]
      Brinnon Mandel, Director of Innovations, Jhpiego, Email:; Steve Ollis, Chief Operating Officer, D-tree International, Email: [1]
      Brooke Cutler, Senior Program Manager, MAMA | Tel: +1-202-650-5353, Email: [2]

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