Creating Demand for Data Through User Centered Design

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Panel Creating Demand for Data through User Centered Design How can we harness the knowledge and passion of users who have been involved in the design process to spread demand for data to users who will only receive the finished product As interest and demand for incorporating user centered design into product and system development increases there is also an opportunity to generate momentum around the need for creating outputs of products and systems In the case of the BID Initiative the outputs are data produced by an immunization registry which was jointly designed with a local user advisory group UAG made up of nurses community health workers and district and regional officials The UAG played a critical role in providing valuable input to the design of the registry and increased their own demand for data through our joint efforts The BID Initiative will share how we are working to achieve this results we are seeing from our initial data and will facilitate discussion from session participants to learn how other organizations have involved users beyond the development process Presented by Cliff Hara Change Management Lead BID Initiative Zambia PATHEmily Carnahan Monitoring and Evaluation Officer PATHMandy Dube Assistant Director BID Initiative Zambia PATH
Global Digital Health Forum Presentations, BID Initiative