HMIS/LMIS Integration Demonstration: DHIS 2, OpenLMIS And OpenSRP

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DHIS OpenLMIS HMIS LMIS Integration Demonstration Many countries considering their health information system HIS strategy have expressed a growing interest in integrating systems and incorporating systematic analysis of Logistic Management Information System LMIS and Health Management Information System HMIS data to improve supply chain performance and service delivery Specifically for immunization supply chains interest is rapidly growing in data for management and the provision of high quality data for accurate and informed decision making For this lab session participants will see a demonstration environment on three systems DHIS 2 OpenLMIS and OpenSRP all of which manage both LMIS and HMIS data within immunization supply chains across countries The OpenLMIS DHIS 2 and OpenSRP Integration Lab aims to present a proof of concept for systems integration demonstrating how supply chain and health information systems can bring data together for decision making and reporting while maximizing data capture and reducing redundancies The lab will hold a discussion on the key steps data governance decisions and technical requirements behind a DHIS 2 HMIS OpenLMIS LMIS and OpenSRP point of care vaccine registry integration The lab will demonstrate how data captured in varying systems can be visualized together in another system to drive better decision making During the lab participants will see how an electronic LMIS OpenLMIS feeds stock level and inventory data into the HMIS DHIS 2 where it can be compared against vaccine coverage information reported by a digital registry OpenSRP Additionally participants will see how stock levels of vaccines can be viewed side by side for a particular facility or geographic area Throughout the lab participants will be asked to share experiences and join the discussion to identify lessons learned and additional opportunities Presented by Mary Jo Kochendorfer OpenLMIS Product Manager VillageReach
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