Data for Decision- making in Digital Health Programs: Safer Deliveries in Zanzibar, Tanzania

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Digital Technologies Supporting Data for Decision making in Africa In this panel speakers will illustrate how digital technologies can provide access to high quality real time data for decision making across Africa D tree International will provide an overview of their Safer Deliveries program in which community health volunteers in Zanzibar use phones with mobile decision support tools to provide support to pregnant women during the prenatal and postpartum periods and share how they used rich client level data to support effective programmatic decision making to maximize the impact of the intervention Health Enabled will present about key approaches that the Faster to Zero project has used to to ensure national ownership of digital health initiatives to facilitate planning for scale and sustainability The Faster to Zero initiative has systematically and intentionally worked to understand the existing ecosystem in Uganda designing for scale and building for sustainability by leveraging on an already existing Ministry of Health digital health platform FamilyConnect And Management Sciences for Health will share their implementation of a web based electronic information system in Namibia which serves as an Early Warning System to improve coordination among facility regional and national stakeholders involved in HIV commodity management and pharmaceutical management information for decision making to improve planning for financial resources for pharmaceutical commodities Presented by Isabel Fulcher Doctoral Candidate Department of Biostatistics Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health
Global Digital Health Forum Presentations, Global Digital Health Forum Presentations, Global Digital Health Forum Presentations, Global Digital Health Forum, maternal health, HIV/AIDS