Indicators on the Status of a Health Information System

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The Health Information System Indicator Registry is a repository of indicators that are used to evaluate the performance of health information systems (HIS). Indicators listed here have been drawn from existing tools, reports, and guidance. The indicators range from national to facility level and are categorized by: * Areas and subareas of the Health Information System Strengthening Model (HISSM) * Method of collection (e.g., data mining, data source review, etc.) * Scoring mechanism (numerical or nonnumerical)
Who Should Use this Registry HIS managers and other personnel can use the registry to search by column for indicators that meet their needs. Information on each indicator was drawn directly from the document source, and information on scoring mechanisms and potential data sources are only provided if this information was explicitly stated in the source document for the indicator.
HIS, Health Information Systems, Indicators, HIS Strengthening