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    • Scaling Mobile for Development: A Developing World Opportunity 

      Mobile for Development M4D is a growing sector with well over 1 000 live services now tracked by the GSMA across the developing world in verticals such as money health education and entrepreneurship The problem is that ...
    • Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (CDE) Diabetes Management App 

      Managing your diabetes can often be a struggle trying to balance eating medication and physical activity We as the CDE appreciate this struggle and therefore want to make living with diabetes a little easier If this sounds ...
    • Systematic Review on What Works, What Does Not Work and Why of Implementation of Mobile Health (mHealth) Projects in Africa 

      Access to mobile phone technology has rapidly expanded in developing countries In Africa mHealth is a relatively new concept and questions arise regarding reliability of the technology used for health outcomes This review ...
    • Inventory of Information and Communication Technology Solutions for Supply Chains 

      mHealth Alliance Publication Two recent trends provide new ways to improve supply chain capabilities 1 the variety of information and communication technologies ICT now available to support commodity management and 2 ...
    • Mobile Money for Health white paper 

      Mobile money enables funds to be deposited transferred and withdrawn electronically through mobile phone accounts Fueled by the success of Kenya s M Pesa mobile payment platform mobile money is a rapidly growing alternative ...
    • Mobile Internet Skills Training Toolkit 

      Mobile phones are much more than just a tool for making calls Increasingly they are the primary way people across the world access the internet Whilst the internet can provide a wide range of benefits to the user it requires ...
    • Rock Weekly: The Latest Digital Healthcare News 

      The most popular newsletter in health tech Join your 39K digital health friends and sign up Stay on top of the latest and greatest stories in digital health across healthcare news and tech Get sweet perks like free passes ...
    • Mobile Technology in Support of Frontline Health Workers: A comprehensive overview of the landscape, knowledge gaps and future directions 

      Mobile Technology in Support of Frontline Health Workers A comprehensive overview of the landscape knowledge gaps and future directions Mobile health mHealth interventions are rapidly gaining popularity for their potential ...
    • Digital Health Country Dashboards 

      The HealthE Africa team has been working with in country experts to create a series of country dashboards summarising the state of digital health in specific African countries These dashboards are intended to be dynamic ...
    • Digital Health Atlas 

      Digital Health Atlas aims to strengthen the value and impact of digital health investments improve coordination and facilitate institutionalization and scale Digital Health Atlas offers technologists implementers financial ...
    • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) ICT Playbook 

      The Sustainable Development Goals ICT Playbook recommends where investments in information and communications technology ICT should be made in order to support achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs
    • U Report 

      U Report is a free SMS social monitoring tool for community participation designed to address issues that people care about SMS polls and alerts are sent out to U Reporters and real time response information is collected ...
    • USAID's Center for Innovation and Impact Newsletter 

      USAID s Center for Accelerating Innovation and Impact CII applies business minded approaches to the development introduction and scale up of health interventions to accelerate impact against the world s most important ...
    • mPESA Kenya 

      mPesa is a mobile phone based money transfer financing and microfinancing service launched in 2007 by Vodafone for Safaricom and Vodacom the largest mobile network operators in Kenya and Tanzania It has since expanded to ...
    • mPESA 

      m pesaTM is a fast secure and convenient way to transact on mobile brought to you by Vodafone through its wholly owned subsidiary Vodafone m pesa Limited VMPL in association with ICICI Bank VMPL has been authorized by ...
    • MAMA's Introductory Workshop on Mobile Messaging to Mothers getting started checklist 

      A checklist on pre implementation considerations created by mHealth experts
    • MAMA: Panelist How To Guide: reaching mom on her mobile phone 

      Experts share high level advice on how to reach mothers using mobile phones Iin order to view the webinars please register here
    • MAMA Course Launch Event 

      Dr Ananya Raihan Country Director of MAMA Bangladesh and Kirsten Gagnaire Executive Director of MAMA Global provide high level overviews on MAMA s model mission and strategy
    • MAMA Spotlight Case Study: Reimagining Mobile in South Africa: Lessons from Year One. 

      In South Africa mobile technology is prolific At the same time the country s maternal and infant mortality is unacceptably high The confluence of these factors signifies that South Africa could both benefit from and support ...
    • MAMA in Country Learning Workshop: Key Take-Aways from Timor-Leste 

      MAMA Global hosted an in country learning workshop in Timor Leste in collaboration with Health Alliance International HAI and their technical partner Catalpa International shared lessons learned best practices and led site ...